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Dynamic signage communication solutions

Variable Display is a digital signage solution which integrates with digital printing output seamlessly to create point-of-sales material, retail signage, event graphics and a range of other applications.

Caldera’s new product is designed as an appliance with the capability to drive any type of monitor, video projectors or LED billboards. The Variable Display solution is practical, discreet, easy to carry, and can be hidden behind the monitor to which it is connected easily. Its user interface can be driven from any type of platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well as from iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™.

Variable Display supports a wide variety of digital formats, including audio, video, flash or PowerPoint animations, pictures and PDF documents. It can also be connected to the internet and harness live content streams such as websites, CCTV, web radio and television stations, with all content saved as playlists.

Content can be displayed on either one individual monitor or on several screens simultaneously, making it simple for users to manage and personalize the content of a fleet of monitors or video projectors.

Main features

  • Simplified set-up and Easy mounting
  • Multiple format capability
  • One click content updating
  • Drag & drop playlist building
  • High-quality playback
  • Secured connectivity
  • Campaign planification
  • Multi-zone layouts
  • Device monitoring capability

More informations on www.variabledisplay.com




Variable Display interface

Mobile interface – Variable Display

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